Food and wine on Lake Garda

The flavours and aromas of the Brescia side of the lake

From freshwater fish to lemons, olive oil, wine, cold cuts, cheeses, honey, game, and all the other culinary treasures of the forest, the Garda area is the perfect destination for foodies. Here, you will discover a land that is diverse in its culinary offer and distinguished for the quality of its typical products.

The excellent quality of citrus fruits from Limone
Nomen omen

The chronicles of centuries past trace the introduction of lemon trees to the Garda area to the thirteenth century by the friars of the Franciscan convent of Gargnano. There are numerous ruins of the historical orangeries, some transformed into real open-air museums. Limone sul Garda takes its name from this noble citrus fruit that is so appreciated at meal time.

A toast to outstanding quality!
Always a very good year

The “Rosso Superiore” and the “Garda Classico Rosso”, in all their precious variants, are noble nectars from local vineyards which grow Barbera, Groppello, but also Marzemino and San Giovese. If you are a wine lover, our territory will prove to be an extraordinary discovery!

Lake Garda: a bounty of flavours
A variety of fish to enhance your meals

From the rare and highly coveted carpione to “his majesty” the lavaret, but also lake trout, carp, perch, tench, chub, pike... There are many delicious varieties of fish that are used in Garda cuisine. They will brighten your meals with their unmistakable flavour.