The flavours of our estate for sale

Oil of Garda: exquisite taste...

With over two thousand plants, our garden surrounds the farm in a warm embrace and offers us a precious bounty every autumn. The sale of our Garda oil is open to both apartment guests and outside visitors and the precious nectar is also used by the Il Colombaro Restaurant. Discover its quality and flavour: it brings all the tasty essence of our magnificent territory to the table.

Quality is done in the field
Olives and harvest

What does it take to make an excellent oil? First-class raw material, a mild climate that favors the full development of aromas and a lot of passion in the care of the olive groves. Our olives, Leccino, Casaliva and Frantoio, are harvested by hand or with assisted method and in full respect of the slow times of nature.

EVO oil Garda P.D.O.

Our oil is cold pressed to maintain the physical and nutritional characteristics and is made entirely from olives of our farm. The color is a marked green-gold, the nose reminiscent of fruit and sweet almond, delicate and low acidity on the palate. Moreover, the Garda oil is famous for its incredible digestibility.

Oil & Mediterranean diet
Our recommendations

Extra virgin olive oil is the main dressing of the Mediterranean diet. Tasting it cold, on a crouton of crispy bread with a pinch of salt, is the best way to appreciate all its characteristics. But also for short and long cooking or as a flavoring for pasta... the variations are endless, while the delicious result is always guaranteed.