A brilliant range of destinations to explore

Lovely places where you can find yourself...

There are so many wonderful locations to discover, especially for lovers of hiking, Nordic walking, and excursions. Monte Baldo in particular is ideal for wonderful days of full immersion in the varied landscape of Lake Garda, the perfect meeting point between the Mediterranean and the Alps. It is also worth venturing towards the enchanting peaks of the Alto Garda Bresciano, in the Mincio Park, on the Tremalzo or the Valtenesi hills. For lovers of culture and social life, Verona and Brescia are definitely worth a visit.

Verona: the pearl of Veneto
Charm, culture, fun...

The city of the Scala family is a real treasure trove, from the wide selection of cultural attractions – the shows in the famous Arena are something to see at least once in a lifetime – to shopping and social life, with focus on Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza Bra and Piazza dei Signori, via Mazzini and via Cappello.

Floating beauty
Isola del Garda

The magnificent Isola del Garda, located on the Brescia side of the lake and on which there are traces of human presence since ancient times, hosts a sumptuous neo-Gothic residence surrounded by a park with centuries-old plants. Over the years, the privately owned building has become a museum, open to all visitors.

Brescia: timeless elegance
A priceless heritage of history

Among historical evidence dating back to the Roman period – the archaeological park is an absolute must see – and with the effervescent liveliness of the squares and streets, clubs and shops, there is no limit to the fun you can have. Interested in culture? Then take a trip to the Republican Sanctuary, the Capitolium, as well as the museums, both Patrio and Civico.